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The material was a full two paragraphs and it was written very well that I wished to impress my lecturer. All I did was copy and paste the work into my paper. I also changed the font so it could match with the rest of the report and continued my research. Reaction and Analysis A week later after submission, some students were called by the professor to his front and I was perplexed to hear my name. While standing in front of the class, the professor called us thieves who were lazy. On top of that, he failed us and we had to redo the paper once again. He explained about plagiarism. He stated it as a lazy way of stealing other peoples’ ideas. He explained that when u use somebody else’s’ work directly through copy and paste, that is the worst crime that anyone can commit. I did not know about plagiarism before but I do now and it was a lesson well learnt Log 2 Location: Kuwait Date: 23rd January, 2009 Occupation Student Overview A new migrant to the UK, I took time to make friends at school. My self esteem was affected as I went into a state of denial and withdrew myself from everyone considering that the mode of dressing and way of communicating was in the UK was not what I was used to. Reaction/observation I felt that UK residents were harsh whenever my new friends said straight no’s to some of my suggestions. Some students discriminated against me.

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