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A well-developed numerical system and algebra in India allowed complicated astronomical calculations. The translations of classical works of ancient India into Chinese language include Mathematics Brahman. This allowed the share of mathematical though with other regions. “But the glory of having invented generalmethods in this most subtle branch of mathematics belongs to the Indians. The Hindu indeterminate analysis differs from the Greek not only in method, but also in aim” (Cajori 95). Another historical example can be the sharing of knowledge from India to Arab world (and to the West through ad with the help of Arabs who traded with India and the West and thus served as middlemen to spread ancient mathematical thought. Arabs themselves adopted a lot of mathematical knowledge. Arab philosopher, al-Uqlidisi introduced decimal fractions developed in the positional number system (Cajori 104). Also, Arabs developed the new science, “algebra” first described by Al’Karaji. Arabs knew such concepts as induction, integral cubes, binormal theorem, function, etc. Such exchange happened in the ancient times, and still it seems to continue happening nowadays – due to globalization and share of any discovery in scientific world.

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