Homework: Choose a company with which you are familiar and assume you are a department manager. I need to write a persuasive message to the owner, CEO, president, vice president, or person in charge. Explain why you think a dress code is necessary. Use your imagination to provide examples of dress violations. Decide what action you want. In your message try to gain attention, build interest, reduce resistance, and motivate action. 

Details: As the manager of a large department, you are alarmed. The weather is getting warmer, and you see that some employees are wearing inappropriate summer clothes to work—and not just on casual Fridays. You’ve seen plunging necklines, miniskirts, shorts, open-back blouses and dresses, flip flops, and revealing camisole tops. You think that employees should look professional, especially those that meet the public as many do in your department. The problem is that your company has no dress code. Therefore, employees have no guidance in what is appropriate. You can’t ask employees to dress appropriately when they have no guidelines and you have no policy to back you up. You feel that the company needs a dress code, but you have to convince the owner. He himself dresses professionally; however, he doesn’t like to impose his values on employees. You must convince him that a dress code is necessary. You would be happy to work on developing such a code. Perhaps other employees should be asked to help.

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