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At this point, when asked the same question, my new response of “I don’t know,” was always met with a reluctant suggestion that I should not be in a hurry, that perhaps one of these days I would find something, that there would always be time. One notable suggestion for a vocation I ever received was that maybe I should consider being a lawyer. That suggestion was quickly shot down. Lawyer No thanks. Like many of my law school applying peers, my first impression of a lawyer was from TV and movies. Unlike my peers, I was neither fascinated by the ramblings of Matlock nor of someone’s cousin named Vinnie. No thank you. And so I would wait.

Flash forward twenty years, and the answer was, unfortunately, still the same. I did not rush into any decision. I took my time. But approaching age thirty, I was becoming frustrated with my lack of direction. Perhaps it was genetics. My mother found her vocation at age forty. Raising three children on her own was tough enough. While working two jobs, and going to night classes, she finally became an elementary school teacher. a job she still loves. Although I truly admire my mother’s fortitude, I was too impatient to wait that long.

I did not have a specific focus when I went through high school, except for knowing then that I wanted to go to college – a good college.

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