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I have passed the trial and soon became a new member of this orchestra, though I had never been a student of the College. I was very happy and optimistic, because I got such a great opportunity for my personal growth. I decided to make every effort in order to advance in this orchestra before I finish my high school. In the beginning, I decided to develop my own skills and abilities as a musician. That is why I started working very hard on improving my technique and performing skills, but within some first months there was no proper result and I was still sitting somewhere deep behind the second violins. Soon I have noticed that the majority of the musicians do not take their work in the orchestra seriously, that is why we could not reach some success. The musicians used to come to rehearsals to spend some time, to have some fun or to fulfill their duties. Such situation started bringing real discomfort to me, because if something deserves to be dome, it has to be done well! Thinking about it, one day I decided to change my strategy and to use some completely new approach. I decided to direct my efforts not on my own improvement, but on improvement of the level of the whole orchestra. I created an improvised strategic plan in my mind, and started moving along this new way.

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