Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on A Social Need for Children with Special Need. It needs to be at least 750 words.

From this paper it is clear that the inclusion of challenged children in the education system within the broader framework of special school is defined by accommodating infrastructure, expanding course curricula that take into account their special needs and a highly sensitive approach. The proactive participation of community, parents and various voluntary agencies become important factor in the rehabilitation of such children within the mainstream society. As the discussion declares special schools are important initiatives as it facilitates education to those children whose disabilities often obstruct their benefits from education as they are entitled for. The special schools cater to the numerous needs of children with disability with focus on severe intellectual disability and other models of developmental disabilities like dyslexia, learning disability etc. Kwiotek emphasizes that disability must be looked from the wider perspectives of social model. Thus, social structure, institutions, environment and attitude become major elements that impact the special needs of disabled children. The intellectual disabilities like cerebral palsy, dyslexia, autism are not easily identifiable in the early stage. They are therefore, often projected as behavioral problems of the students.&nbsp.

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