Instruction for Project III

In your book: Multinational Management, there are a few Integrating Cases. Please choose of one these cases:

Shell Oil in Nigeria

Organizational and National Cultures in a Polish-U.S. Joint Venture

Tata Motors

The Fleet Sheet

Transition to Whirlpool Tatramat: From Joint Venture to Acquisition

Cisco Switches in China: The Year of Manager

Then research for two other companies that you could compare with this case. These cases could be found in a variety of sources.  For example, if you choose Tata Motors, you have to choose two other car manufacturers who have pursued almost similar strategies in the market and compare the three together. In this comparison, you should concentrate on major themes addressed in Tata (your chosen case) case.

Example of the Themes in Tata: Government and Demographic Shift in India, Automobile Industry in India, International Business Initiatives  of Tata, Growth strategy, Global Market Positioning of Tata, Partnering with other Global Companies 

In the comparison, pinpoint differences, similarities, strength, weaknesses and finally success and failures.

You should write 20-25 five pages. Do not copy from any source otherwise it will be considered plagiarism and you receive Zero for this project .   

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