Dwellings $60,000

Unscheduled personal property $30,000

Personal liability, per occurrence $25,000

 A property coverage deductible of $250 per occurrence applies. Analyze each of the following situations in light of the above information. Determine all applicable coverage(s) and limit(s), and explain all factors that might affect the coverage provided by the policy

. A windstorm causes $20,000 in repair cost damages to the house and subsequent windblown

rain causes damage to the contents of the house—$18,000 in replacement cost or

$11,000 at actual cash value. The greenhouse is a total loss, as are the exotic plants.

Debris removal of the greenhouse to satisfy the city’s health laws costs $350, and further

debris removal to clear the way for repairs costs another $280. Two maple trees valued at

$600 each is blown down, and their removal costs another $400. Bill must move his

family to a nearby rental home for two months while repairs are made to the house.

Rental costs are $600 per month, utilities at the rental house are $150 more per month,

and the mortgage payments of $550 per month continue to be payable. It costs Bill

another $80 per month to commute to work and to drive his children to school. The

telephone company charges him $50 to change his telephone to the rental unit and back

to his home again.

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