Assignment Instructions

Assignment: Write a Complete Research Paper with In-Text Citations and Reference List (5-6 pages)

Topic: Using innovative technology to reduce cyber-crime pathways and more robust firewalls to reduce the amount of computer hard-drive hacking will allow the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to retain internet availability to most of the public while also facilitating the security of its own necessary cyber information sharingIn this assignment, you will put all the pieces together, requiring that you go back and review several elements:  – How to cite and use the proper “in text” format  – How to write clearly and succinctly  – How to avoid common mistakes in grammar, construction, and format  – How to create a properly formatted list of References

Use this format and please include a cover sheet for this assignment.I. Title PageII. Introduction and Thesis StatementIII. Body of the Paper IV. ConclusionV. ReferencesYou should be ready to write a good short research paper.Create in a Word document and upload to Assignments by Sunday night at 11:55pm EST.This submission will be graded based on the following rubric:I. Title Page (5 pts) II. Introduction and Thesis Statement  (10 pts)III. Body of the Paper (65 pts) IV. Conclusion  (10 pts)V. References  (10 pts)

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