Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses The Body.

571). The notion of being in a pageant is like an obsession in the society, going beyond the bounds of schooling and social ethics, where most of them are geared towards socializing of womens bodies (Anderson-Fye, 2004, p. 572).

The community’s perspective is inclined towards pleasing the tourists and many will do whatever it takes to look good to them by getting thinner bodies. This craze makes even parents encourage their daughters to get thinner and please the many tourists visiting the country (Anderson-Fye, 2004, p. 579). Further, the strip clubs frequented by tourists prefer thinner women and thus girls are encouraged to eat less to get better pay and recognition to them (Anderson-Fye, 2004, p. 580). The tourists are a motivation towards getting better body images as a promise of employment and other future career benefits like the threat of Kara.

The extent of connectivity in the global scene has indeed influenced the bodily aspects of the people in the country. Most girls who have gone on trips in other countries have been influenced to take up their traits, in the example of the United States (Anderson-Fye, 2004, p. 586). Further, the interconnectivity through media has also influenced the body aspects of the people in the way that outside influences determine their attitudes towards body size (Anderson-Fye, 2004, p.

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