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I would like to take such a chance to submit my request to you as a supervisor in the sense that I have imperative ideas, whose discussion is vital. Therefore, I beg for the date’s adjustment to 22nd since I have a due schedule on 20th where I have some reports to deliver. In the first place, I would like us to consider salary increment due to the extreme economic crisis where we are not able to meet our personal needs. Secondly, we should consider the clothing character where the management should permit casual wear on Fridays. Thirdly, I would like us to factor gender balance in the company. It is a concept, which will establish respect among the employees hence restrict them in their entitlements

Further, the management should enhance an effective strategy to promote self-esteem to the staff. Such an approach will involve eradication of the nepotism character in the entity. Further, the idea will enhance equality. Moreover, we should discuss a mechanism, which will factor staff advancement. Critically, it is recommendable for the workers to exchange ideas and train one another a method, which will perfect their skills. Finally, we should determine the remedies towards frequent short notices and excessive travelling.

I kindly hope that you will be interested as you respond to my request.

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