Write a 1 page essay on The authors state that slavery has created great psychological and social problems for succeeding generations of black citizens. Do you agree with the authors statement How does the legacy of slavery continue to impact both blacks and whites What are.

There are several types of slavery including bonded, forced and chattel slavery. Most authors claim that slavery has created substantial psychological and social problems for the succeeding generations (Berlin, 1998). Research asserts that this statement is factual basing on several articles documented by experts. This is because the enslavement era is usually accompanied by pain, resentment and anger. After the slaves are set free, they suffer emotional damage based on their previous circumstances.

In conclusion, the legacy of slavery has diversely affected both blacks and whites in the society. In the past, the blacks were mainly used as slaves. In fact, most individuals claim that slavery is considered as a reminder of the ruthless treatment that was imposed to the blacks by the whites (Berlin, 1998). Therefore, the blacks evade the whites entirely based on the legacy of slavery. Lastly, the law enforcement implication advocates that slavery is illegal because individuals should not be treated like items whereby they can be purchased or sold. In fact, it is unlawful to participate in the business of

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