I will pay for the following essay Answers on questions (What is an apparatus/ Scholars and their work in the context of Media Art Histories and Genealogies). The essay is to be 9 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Apparatus is historically used to achieve and manipulate strategic objectives through an introduction and variations of interplaying forces. Apparatus can also mix forces to formulate and articulate results of various events. It can intervene, direct and develop relations among various forces working to together for a strategic goal. These uses of apparatus qualify it for a gross and higher level application in political, administrative, technical fields. Apparatus can allow, block, condition, instigate and stimulate certain element in an operating environment. Thus apparatus has definite powers to formulate, design and define strategic outcomes in political, technical, administrative and domains like knowledge etc.

Michel Foucault had finally described apparatus as a network of physical and meta physical elements and forces which can exert a certain power through knowledge to manipulate and maneuver a schematic and strategic outcome. It is important to understand that an apparatus can contain and use elements from any domain of knowledge, power and philosophy and thereby can effect and influence any of these domains.

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