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Parents choose a spouse, and the choice of a partner is a result of father’s approval or that of Maliki school guardian. Taqwa is also one of the basic conditions of successful marriage in the Islamic world: it means piety which is reflected in the possibility of women and men to see each other with the purpose to determine critically whether they suit each other or not. Taqwa is also determined as the fear of Allah and a distinct communications between husbands and wives. Husband and wife should express truthfulness and straightforwardness to each other: they should say truth and be able to express their ideas strait and with mutual consent. Love and mercifulness of the spouses should be the basis for successful marriage in Islamic traditions, as they take very important place in the Qur’an. The main positions and roles of Islamic wife are to be obedient, to be attractive and to be a good mother. she should cover her face and not to show it to other men. The main positions and roles of the husband are to be a leader of his family and to support his wife, as the Qur’an says that men are the supporters of women (4:34). The ideal is a traditional family, but the Qur’an allows men to have a family of four wives (4:3).

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