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Ethical dilemmas can also arise when a patient’s autonomy is not respected. This is to do with the kind of treatment the patient wants, including refusal to treatment and euthanasia (Stevens, 2006). The article states that such ethical dilemmas can be solved if the nurses have better knowledge and skills, communication skills, authority and a proper knowledge of ethical principles guiding the nursing practice (Parker, 2007).

Ethical dilemmas are difficult to solve. A single decision by the nurse may not please everybody concerned, including hospital management and the patient’s guardians and relatives. Although it is important to have the basic ethical principles and knowledge from research, it is still very difficult to make a decision in an ethical dilemma.

Credentialing and statutory regulations are significant components of nursing practice. Without these important elements the nursing profession lacks authority to ensure protection of interests of the public (Bandman & Bandman, 2002). Licensing is meant to protect the public from unprofessional and unsafe medical practitioners while credentialing helps to verify the qualifications of medical practitioners, including

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