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3)The advantages are apparent given the ability when implementing this approach to fix approaches that are non-functional while still ensuring the largest amount of individual freedom in situations that may require law enforcement intervention. Evidenced-based policing The disadvantages of this approach can be seen in the single approach that is statistically the best for the general community. While this allows for the best overall response from a cohesive unit it may not allow for individual communities to pursue different approaches that may in fact be better for that individual community. In one study in Britain “However, households in projects that had received public education and households that received the follow-up visits were both more likely to report new violence to the police than households that did not receive the treatments.” (Davis, Taylor, 1997 pg. 307-333) This shows that in individual situations the use of the community specific evidence-based policing was ineffective in actually reducing the crimes approached using the model that was seen as most likely to succeed. Using a general approach is beneficial in some areas however, as can be seen is not beneficial in all areas of enforcement.

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