1. Analyze and apply appropriate ethical theories to shape a business decision given an organizational requirement to conform business practices to both the law and best ethical practices.
  2. Develop a business strategy in a corporate liability case arising from the sale of defective and dangerous products. This includes ethical considerations to minimize liability for claims of product liability and breach of warranty.
  3. Define and develop elements of a contract and determine whether a duly formed contract is enforceable under the common law or Uniform Commercial Code.
  4. Develop strategies to minimize risk, create value and manage legal disputes for business leaders.

The paper should be neutral in its stance – for example, if you choose to write about the Constitutional and ethical nature of the death penalty, you should present all sides of the issue. Do not copy and paste large sections of text into your paper – also, please cite at least 6 sources other than the textbook. Properly cite all sources used.

Technical Requirements:

  • Minimum of 12 pages, but not to exceed 15 pages. 
  • Privacy as a constitutional right. Is there really an inherent right to privacy? What does the right entail? Analyze privacy in the workforce and how an organization’s policy should conform to the law and best ethical practices.
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