Write a 1 page essay on Intercultural communication( this is the course I am studying, not the topic).

red disgusted and when I asked her why, she told me she hates the sight of beef and she did not want to hear again any story that pertains to the slaughtering of cows. I later apologized for offending her faith and we reconciled.

Indeed, the topic of being overweight remains an elusive subject,

especially among the American folks who are known to practice unhealthy lifestyles. In this regard, it is advisable not to tell any American anything related to their weight that is likely to offend them. Nonetheless, one can insinuate to an American about the benefits of checking one’s weight or about an interesting thing about exercise. The bottom line is to avoid direct discussions about personal weight issues with Americans.

The art of dating, courtship, and marriage varies according to cultures and some acts may not only be offensive but an abomination to some cultures. Therefore, it is advisable to discuss marriage-related issues selectively, especially with conservative cultures. At no point should one suggest the superiority of his/her culture or point out the mistakes of the other culture as they relate to dating and marriage. It could be offensive to people from such cultures. Therefore, great care should be taken during intercultural

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