Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses The ideas of Michael Pollan.

Specifically, Singer dissents the idea that animals should be treated according to their level of enduring pain than on their level of thinking it is because there are humans who have got lower capacities of thinking and thus this suggests that animals have the right to be treated like humans.


In response to Peter Singer’s book, Michael Pollan argues with the idea of comparing humans to animals. Although Singer is aware of what rights the animals have, it does not mean that the level of consideration should be matched to how humans are treated. He had visited different farms and wrote the essay with conviction through the researchers that he made. Discussing a many points with regard to Singer’s point of view, Pollan is able to centralize the theme of his argument through defending that humans have higher level of consideration and rights than animals. Dissenting Singer’s comparison, Pollan offered a way on how to look at this point by saying that human’s level of existence is incomparable to the lower classes of creatures. Humans have specific set of rights from the animals and these ideas should be the first to put up. Treating animals the way they should be treated is a good thing though but it does not merely means that they should be treated like humans.

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