An 84-year-old male was admitted to the hospital today after falling at home. He currently lives alone, his wife passed away three years ago. He has one (1) daughter who lives nearby. He wears glasses and has a hearing aid in his right ear. His gait is slow and unsteady and reports feeling weak. Two months ago, the patient was alert and oriented to person, place and time and living independently. Today, he is oriented to person, but thinks that it is 1994, that he is in his home, and he is looking for his wife. Due to his change in mental status his daughter has decided when he is released from the hospital he will move into her house. She works at home and will be able to care for him during the day.

Initial Discussion Post:

Develop a teaching plan to address the patient’s safety needs upon discharge. Be sure to include the patient and family in the plan. Consider the patient’s safety needs to develop a plan of care for discharge.

Write one (1) nursing diagnosis statement (3 parts) with corresponding outcome and provide two (2) interventions (one independent and one interdependent). Provide a rationale to support your nursing diagnoses statement.SolutionAs per the clinical condition of 84-year-old male, effective discharge planning and transitionalcare would play a major role in improving his health and decreasing re-hospitalization…

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