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g problems” (Champaign County Sheriffs Office 1) which necessitate cognitive, analytical, and decision-making skills that requires effective mental disposition and good mental health. Therefore, the current job and that which is aimed in the future promotes mental health in terms of providing different opportunities for improving and developing cognitive and analytical skills through being exposed to people from diverse backgrounds, applying interpersonal and effective communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, and decision-making situations.

The job might be made more beneficial to the mental health of those who work at it through the provision of a conducive work place environment consistent with labor laws and occupational health and safety regulations. Among these, employees should be aware of the workplace situations that affect mental health: “stigma and discrimination. demand/control and effort/reward relationships. presenteeism. job burnout, harassment, violence, bullying and mobbing substance use, (and) misuse and abuse at work” (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety).

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. “Why should employers be concerned about mental health?” 21 September 2012. 31 January 2013

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