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Individuals may feel that the regard from others is based on conditional achievements which they have to garner before they are positively regarded. These conditional achievements create incongruence between the real self and the ideal self. To rectify incongruence individuals take actions, which they perceive will attract positive regard from others. These actions may either fulfill their desires or may result in them chasing wrong achievements that result in discontent. In addition, they may distort their view of the world by predisposing them to blame others for what is happening refrain from giving himself credit for achievements garnered (Bugental, 1964). According to Rogers, self-actualization only takes place when there is congruence between the real self and the ideal self. He proposed three necessary environmental conditions that enable a person to grow healthily: genuineness, acceptance, and empathy. The basic need of self-actualization is inherent in all human beings, as they all want to grow and meet their full potentials. People become destructive and develop misconstrued concepts of the world when the self-actualizing process is surpassed by external factors. This subsequently leads to unsatisfied individuals who are unhappy with their lives.

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