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Advice on how to get involved can be obtained from our local churches, non-profit organizations, and governmental institutions. The reason I believe so much in volunteerism is because I have in the past been involved in volunteer work. I use to help out at a local shelter for homeless people. The experience of helping out the poor was very gratifying form me. The act of giving back to the community can help fulfill our souls. I have had some family members that have fallen on some hard times and become homeless. Knowing that there are people out there that are willing to help out the poor by volunteering their time makes me believe that society’s problems no matter how complex can be solved if we put our minds to it. Volunteer work can help out a lot of American families. In the United States there are over 37 million people living under the federal poverty line (Americanprogress). This figure means that nearly 12% of the US population is suffering from poverty. The efforts of volunteers can help become a part of the solution. Volunteer work can also help the sick and the elderly. There are lots of benefits of volunteering. It can help a person increase their skills, gain experience, and expand their network of contacts.

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