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Deliverable Length:  3 pages with a minimum of 5 academic or industry-specific sources.

  Some of the most successful companies are successful because they have developed loyalty among their customer base. Even through a significant crisis, the company has been able to retain customers and rebound, growing an even stronger customer base. Customer loyalty should be one of many goals of a health care organization’s marketing team.

You have been tasked with developing a customer satisfaction survey aimed at the elderly population of your organization. First, research current trends in health care customer satisfaction and prepare a paper describing how customer satisfaction data is obtained. Next, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of surveys in collecting patient satisfaction information. Finally, prepare a survey or questionnaire a survey and discuss the key components of your survey and how the survey will help the marketing team. The developed survey or questionnaire should be attached in an appendix to your paper. Analyze and differentiate the options offered by multiple marketing research firms to ascertain the best method for gathering customer perceptions relative to the primary and secondary markets for the aging population.

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