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Thus it clearly illustrates the interpersonal issue that emerges among the specific section in the society, who are considered as oppressed in different domains of human interaction. Thus the analysis presented in the ethanomethodological manner of undertaking the study could emphasize how the black men involve in various racial and gender biased actions that often illustrated from the standpoint of the social truth rather than a callous narration of a tale. Further, it also illustrates the micro-macro theory of inequality (Collins, 17-43). The absence of jobs with proper wage and other social issues that perpetuate the inequality in the micro level demographic regions have a wider reflection on the effect on the macro level settings. The sociological theory discussed above has direct correlation with those of the cases narrated in the ‘code of the street’. Thus the ability to control is beyond all the formal structures prevalent in the locations and hence demands more cooperative and participative mode of bringing the populace to a more harmonious acceptance of the realties.

Further, it has been illustrated well the intricate relationship the culture have on the life of the minority communities living in the urban spaces.

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