I submitted my homework file on my uploads, but I had some specific questions. Question 5: I am having difficulty categorizing the measurements: nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio because I am not certain of the examples provided. Question 7: I don’t know how to interpret the data based on the questions, I filled in the questions as best as I could but I am unsure of my answers. Question 8: My professor discussed that some times it is best to group/bin data together if there is a lot of data, I am a little uncertain about the answer to this because I think the data is not enough to group/bin. Question 13: I need help with interpreting the data in the contingency table and I think I might have done it incorrectly because I don’t know how to correlate both values. Question 14: So I had a bit of an issue with my professor because I think systolic BP is the independent variable and belongs in the x-axis, but he is saying that the systolic BP is the dependent variable. I am having trouble understanding why he thinks that way and I wanted to know if the graph is okay. Question 16: I think based on the graph it shows the relationship is positive, moderate, but based off the correlation coefficient it is a strong, positive relationship. Is it possible for it to be both? Sorry for the wordiness of my question(s).

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