Write a 1 page essay on W1D 590 “Creating Innovation”.

Empowerment is a motivating factor in the work environment, and it involves having more freedom in making choices and in actions (Deb, 2006). Under the leadership of Steve Jobs, associates were empowered, there was a delegation of authority and responsibility, and employees had freedom. Apple hired employees who shared its values and with a passion for their work. There was also extensive training for skill building and to embed the teamwork mentality. Apple knew the secret to success, that of empowering and developing its employees and giving them the freedom to be creative (Phillips & Gully, 2013). In turn, they created innovative products that beat the competition.

The competition may copy the products in order to reach the success of Apple in which case it may be a futile task because what they must emulate is in relation to human capital. Competitors need to hire the right human capital and invest in it in the form of training as well as empower it in order to achieve success. Many benefits accrue from empowering the employees such as job satisfaction, motivation, being customer oriented and leadership skills development (Durai & Pravin, 2010). The more reason the competition should adapt empowering their employees for enhanced

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