Required or Recommended Readings:

The required supplemental readingfor this course is 

Frederick Douglass’s 

“Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass”


You can access it for free at:

After reading Frederick Douglass you need to answer this questions:

1. Do you believe Frederick Douglass actually wrote the narrative himself?  Why or why not?  Use specific examples from the narrative to make your case.

2. How does Douglass’s story compare to other slave narratives with which you are familiar?  Provide specific examples.

3.What impact do you think Frederick Douglass made on the North and on the South in the era in which he lived?  And on the United States today?

4.What was Frederick Douglass’s greatest strength?  Explain and defend your answer.

5.Did Frederick Douglass find any happiness in slavery?  If so, how?  When?  If not, explain.

6.What makes Frederick Douglass worth studying in history?

7.According to Douglass, what did the institution of slavery do to Whites?

8.According to Douglass, why did slave owners keep slaves ignorant and illiterate?

9.What did Douglass do to improve himself?

10.How did Douglass achieve freedom?

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