There is no length requirement.

***IMPORTANT–Topic to be decided by the student and augmented by Prof–one hallmark of an accomplished rhetoritician is his/her ability to argue a point that he/she is viscerally opposed to.  The sound of the rug being pulled out from beneath you all–for this assignment I am going to require that you argue the exact opposite of what you identified as topic for the final.  For example(s)–if you were going to argue for less gun control–you will now argue for greater gun control, pro-choice–now pro-life–no smoking in public places–now smokers’ rights.  Get the picture   🙂  

Research is optional but strongly encouraged.Use the following outline when structuring this essay:I. Effectively written introduction (see text for strategies)A. Clearly written thesis where you explicitly state what it is that the essay will argue.II. General information on your topic.III. Body Analysis: This is the most important part of this essay. Here you will make your argument supported by examples to illustrate and/or research–make certain to use proper MLA in-text citation.IV. Effectively written conclusion (see text)* MLA formatted bibliography (if appropriate).

The topic i will argue for is cigarette smoking to be banned in public places

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