Need an argumentative essay on The period of time when most egyptians came to u.s. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Ten years after the war, a high population of Egyptian professionals of educated elites left their country. A great number of the immigrants who left Egypt between 1967 and 1977 settled in countries with positive legislations that could support supported them. Skilled employees also went to America during this period. Currently the number of Egyptians staying in America is an approximate number ranging from one to two million.

One of the factors that favored the migration of the Egyptians to the U.S was the Immigration and Nationality act, passed in 1965. The legislation privileged the migration of professionals and skilled employees to the country, with emphasis on scientists. Most of the immigrants from Egypt settled in various places including New Jersey, Florida and Texas among other southern states mainly occupied by blacks. The southern states were favorable for the Egyptians to occupy because of the temperatures. It is noteworthy that most Egyptians would like to gain permanent residence in America. The role of resolution 242 in creating stability in Egypt, presided by the UN (Cortas, 2009) and Lord Caradon, Britain was

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