Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Recruitment, selection, and retention challenges.

f mismatch between job description and job requirement, the organization might be forced to cancel the recruitment results and conduct fresh recruitment. The organization might also decide to train the employee to make sure he/she can carry out the duties associated with that job requirement.

Most organization use job interviews and resumes to get information about job applicants. Technology may be used to conduct job interviews via live video conferencing (Billsberry, 2007). It is important to ensure that the organization selects a job applicant who will feel comfortable and will be successful. This can be achieved if you assess your organizations culture, define the candidate you are looking for and taking time to learn about the applicants working style and personality.

Managers need to select candidates based on occupational qualifications. The selected applicant should possess the necessary skills required to be successful when carrying out the requirements of the job. The law prohibits any form of discrimination during the recruitment process. It is illegal to discriminate against sex, age, marital status, ethnicity or religious affiliation (Billsberry,

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