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Auers (2006) agrees, arguing that political campaigns are “issue-free” and, ultimately, a question of which of the candidates has the support of the big lobbies, PACS and corporations. Arguing the same, Wagner (2005) contends that it is precisely because campaign finance has completely undermined the one person, one vote,’ principle and has displaced the issues, that campaign finance reforms were introduced. Instead of abiding by the limits established by campaign finance reforms, however, candidates have found a way around them, knowing the money will, ultimately, determine the fate of their political ambitions.

Two of the 2008 presidential election candidates have declared their intention to adhere to the strictest of campaign finance regulations and make the 2008 elections one that is entirely based upon, and determined by, the issues. As Kirkpatrick (2007) reports, last February Obama announced that were he to win his party’s nominations, he proposes the limitation of general election campaign funds to $85 million, on the condition that the Republican nominee accept a similar limitation.

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