Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic HR Planning Process.

One such method is recognized as the personality test (Hill, 2007). This test is used in order to identify whether an applicant’s personality matches the personality that is required for a particular position. For example, a sales person is required to have an extrovert personality in order to easily communicate with other and persuade them to purchase organization’s goods and services. Personality test can even be used by organizations in order to identify whether the incumbent suits the culture of the organization. This will help in ensuring the there is no conflict between the employees and the culture of the organization and the organization operates smoothly. Another method for employee selection that can be used is the job sample test (Hill, 2007). In this test, applicants are required to perform a particular job or a particular part of a job. This selection method is used to ensure that the person being hired knows how to work in the position for which he/she has applied. This will help the organization in attaining the objective of decreased expenditure on training and development that an organization may have to spend to prepare an individual to perform that particular

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