Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Response to Post of Classmate on Education.

Therefore, in human resource development, the scholar-practitioner role is seen to be similarly applicable through being apprised with current and future trends in human resources management and ensuring that best practices are imbibed in their respective work settings.

The research methodology disclosed for the planned study about understanding how the social media influences peoples perception of certain social issues (prejudice and xenophobia) is commendable. One honestly believes that the concern regarding biases could be addressed, depending on the manner in which interview questions are to be designed. Actually, a survey-questionnaire method could be used to precede the interview method. Through the survey-questionnaire method, both the researcher and the respondents’ demographic profile would not be seen as instrumental or contributory to the response. Likewise, the questions could be designed in the most appropriate manner to ensure objectivity. Any response that requires further clarification would be verified through the interview process. Utilization of a survey-questionnaire would enable reaching a wider range of respondents.

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