Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Marketing transportation.

2. Government involvement in international trade results from several economic reasons, which include unemployment and betterment of relations with foreign countries. The government also gains benefits like earning enough money to finance programs and services for citizens. It also has to maintain industries,

and maintain its integrity through trade, because trade influences the thinking of common people regarding the efficiency of the government. Also, the government earns money for elections through international trade. Hence, a government might be involved in international trade to gain enough resources to meet the needs of its population.

20. Logistic Performance Index (LPI) determines the importance of logistics in international trade. It is used to measure a country’s efficiency in trade across six coherent dimensions: (1) effectiveness of the clearance procedure by border control agencies, (2) excellence of trade and transportation, (3) efficiency in placing competitively priced shipments, (4) proficiency and class of logistics services, (5) facility of tracking and tracing shipments, and (6) arrangement of in-time shipments according to set

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