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I do not agree with the presentation of teenagers in the film. The film’s director portrays teens as completely rebellious, which is not true. As a teenager, this has not been my experience. Teens my cut across as rebellious when in actual sense they require a sense of direction and understanding from their parents.

From the film, teenagers appear marginalized and lack a voice within the society. They lack parental support and appear not to be taken seriously until they commit a crime or rebel against their parents. Teenagers are an important part of the society as they represent the future and thus they should be taken seriously and nurtured in a proper familial way. They have the right to make an opinion and get heard. They should get heard by their parents and not simply brushed aside until when they commit a crime. Parents should offer support to their teenagers and act as their first role models.

The film’s presentation of teens is spot on as it covers various aspects of teen life. The film shows the effect of society on teenagers and how the teenagers develop coping mechanisms to their

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