You are a Tour Operations Manager for Great White Bear Tours in Churchill, Manitoba Canada. https:// (Links to an external site.)

You have been asked to put together a presentation describing the polar bear viewing travel experiences that the company is developing.

Using information from the website above, Make a example presentation that will be shown at a travel fair. The presentation should include four to six slides describing the travel experience. At least one slide must be formatted with a polar bear on the slide background. Apply an appropriate theme and use slide layouts that will effectively present the content. Insert at least one online picture and at least one SmartArt graphic and apply appropriate formatting. Apply font formatting and slide transitions and modify text alignment and line spacing as necessary. Use the techniques learned in the PowerPoint module, to make your presentation professional and attractive.

Save the file as Gray_Anthony_Churchill and then, on the Notes and Handouts, insert a header and a footer that include the date and time updated automatically, the file name in the footer, and the page number. Add your name and the tags bear tours to the properties.

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