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Placing African music in an historical and social context, brings to the fore the compiling of notes on the social context of African music. on African history. on the popularization of African music and on the instruments and styles of African music. The following text has been put together and a bibliography and appropriate reference is supplied at the end of the article.

Africa covers about 11,714,000 square miles (30,339,000 square kilometers), more than a fifth of the earth’s total land area. The continent is an enormous plateau, most of which is covered by deserts, forests and grasslands. It is this vast mass of land that held the immense treasure of Africa called music.

Music has been culturally part of and developed in Africa for thousands of years. Its wide range of styles evidently showed much of the country’s landscape. In northern Africa, music follows Arab traditions that consist mainly of chants and the use of various northern instruments but as shown but African music has also spread southward and influenced the music of peoples in parts of Chad, Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal and Sudan.

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