Modify in five ways:

  • add a Tkinter Entry widget to the GUI so that you can enter an address string (e.g. “Iowa City, IA” or “Beijing, China”). You probably should also add a Label widget near the Entry widget saying something like “Enter the location: “.
  • modify the readEntryAndDisplayMap function so that it creates and displays a new map based on the address given in the Entry widget
  • add buttons or a slider or other widget(s) to enable changing the map zoom level, redisplaying the map each time the zoom level is changed. You may choose your own way for this. One way would be to use two buttons (e.g. one labeled ‘+’ and one labeled ‘-‘, like in the code in the April 16 lecture notes). Clicking on either of them would change the current zoom level by 1 and recompute and redisplay the map.
  • provide a way to change between standard (road) map view and satellite, terrain, and hybrid map views
  • display a map pin in the center of the map. Note: for this and the previous item, in addition to adding GUI elements, you will need to modify getMapURL to add more parts to the string sent to Google.

and the given code is:


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