Unemployment and Economy

Discuss the following questions related to the impact of unemployment on the economy:

  1. Think about a city with an unemployment rate of 20%. Then, think about a country where one in five people are unemployed. Discuss the two most significant impacts an unemployment rate like these have on the economy.
  2. Some economists consider a 4-5% unemployment rate healthy for the U.S.A. What impact does an employment rate like this have on the economy? Is this an acceptable attitude?

Participation Requirements:

Reply to your classmates with at least two responses. Follow these guidelines while participating in the discussion:

  • Respond to at least two of your peers. Provide complete, well-thought-out responses.
  • Ask questions, share experiences, challenge ideas, and help your peers expand their responses.
  • Your initial and subsequent response must have content relevant to the discussion.
  • Be polite and respectful of your classmates’ opinions. You may disagree, but do so in a constructive manner.

Evaluation Criteria:

The discussion rubric will be used to evaluate this assessment.

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