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You have rightly identified decision-making and problem solving ability as two fundamental traits of effective leadership. From the qualities you have mentioned, I can tell that he is a transformational leader, driving his organization toward positive change and innovation. The organization has chosen 360 degree review as a method of review that must be hard to manage because “[g]iving 360-degree feedback can be as tough as receiving it” (Fagerhaugh 79). The organizational leader must be sure that he has appointed the right person to do the review for the review to be detailed and thorough and for the judgment thus made, to be rational.

Having right people work in the right positions is fundamental to organizational success because their skills and individualistic traits fulfill the demands of those positions. Without the team of right people, management cannot effectively implement its strategies and thus loses control. This imparts the need for the management to establish the positions and recruitment process according to the organizational objectives

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