This week’s reading focused on different texts including Problem-Solution texts. You should have learned from the reading that the parts of a problem-solution text are: situation, problem, solution, evaluation. For your journal this week, you are to think about something that you view as a problem or potential (future) problem within your internship company (or you may use a previous work experience). By “problem”, I am referring to either a procedure or process that may need to change in the future based on the where the future of the industry is headed OR to an area of weakness that may need to be improved upon. Think about the current and upcoming trends that you talked about a few weeks ago in your discussions – how will your company specifically need to adapt to accommodate those trends? You may use the ideas that you discussed in the previous week’s discussion posting, or you may come up with new ideas.

For this journal, you will only be allowed to submit the outline (not a completed “essay”). Please use the attached document as your structure- you can just open this document and fill it out: Problem Solution Outline.doc

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