Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: The Dark Ages Documentary.

The interesting phenomena in this episode pertains the rise to power of Clovis, who was a Frankish leader. He made great efforts in uniting tribes and advocated the conversion of people to Christianity. In order to have many converts, Clovis spent his time establishing good relationships with the Catholic Church. However, despite his efforts, his rule was characteristic of punishments evident during the Dark ages. Other rulers during this period found it difficult controlling their kingdoms. The events witnessed during the 5th century contributed immensely to the realization of the revitalization later on in the 8th century (Cantor, 2002).

The documentary is important as it aids in understanding about the development of the Roman Empire to its present state. The different cultures in the episode have developed through a series of stages to the current state. Therefore, the documentary plays an important role in showing the characteristics of the cultures during this period. The documentary achieves its aim of showcasing the cultural issues happening during the Dark Ages

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