1.   In a tranfer that qualified under sec. 351, George transferred equipment worth $750,000 (adjusted basis $400,000, depreciation recapture potential $75,000). The equipment was subject to a $150,000 loan, which the transferee corporation assumed as part of this transaction. In exchange, George received (1) CS of the transferee corporation worth $425,000, (2) promissory notes of the transferee corporation worth $100,000 and (3) cash of $75,000 (i.e., total consideration $500,000, with loan assumption included). Answer each question below, which relate to this transfer by George.

·        realized by George on this transaction.

·        Determine the gain or loss recognized by George on this transaction.


·        Determine the basis that George will assign to the Promissory Notes received in this transaction.

A.           None of the other answers is correct

B.           $400,000

C.           $250,000

D.           $75,000

E.           $175,000

F.           $350,000

G.          $100,000

H.           $100,000

I.            $150,000

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