I need an assignment for Bussiness continuity plan and disaster management with Abstract(1 page), Introduction(1 page), body(2 pages), and conclusion(1 page) using below references only.

Reference Links: 

1. Asgary, A., Anjum, M. I., & Azimi, N. (2012). Disaster recovery and business continuity after the 2010 flood in Pakistan: Case of small businesses. International journal of disaster risk reduction, 2, 46-56.

2. Cerullo, V., & Cerullo, M. J. (2004). Business continuity planning: a comprehensive approach.

          Information Systems Management, 21(3), 70-78.

3. Maitra, S. (2010, February). Disaster recovery and business continuity planning. In Proceedings of the International Conference and Workshop on Emerging Trends in Technology(pp. 1001-1001). ACM.

4.Myers, K. N. (1993). Total Contingency Planning for Disasters: Managing Risk… Minimizing Loss… Ensuring Business Continuity. John Wiley & Sons, Inc..

5. Snedaker, S. (2013). Business continuity and disaster recovery planning for IT professionals. Newnes.

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