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Protective factors in the stomach lining include, bicarbonate production, mucous production by goblet cells than line stomach bed preventing direct action from acids, whereas erosive factors include hydrochloric acid production and enzyme production (Croft, 2014).

Based on the CT scan findings of the abdomen, the presence of hiatal hernia, that implies that the stomach has protruded through a weakening at the hiatus. A protruded stomach is subjected to excess acidity leading to gastritis (Croft, 2014). The form of gastritis which one gets is always severe explaining the nauseas and vomiting which the patient was getting leading the patient not to swallow solid foods since they induce mucosal acidity the most.

The patient is more likely suffering from severe Los Angeles Class D erosive esophagitis secondary to acute gastritis caused by hiatal hernia. Acute gastritis induced vomiting episodes for the patient that led to erosion of the distal portion of the esophagus explaining the irregular shaped mucosa (Croft,

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