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“Please take a look at this statement by Minoura (2003) and the requirement underneath. I’ve included a reference to the original article below: this is a nice, easy to read piece of work on control.

 ‘Things that are running smoothly should not be subject to any control. If you commit yourself to just finding and fixing problems, you’ll be able to carry out effective control (within an organization)with fewer personnel’ (Minoura, 2003).

Discuss what the above statement means and whether you agree with it. Describe how an organisation that you have experience of, or have researched, has benefited from just-in-time (JIT) techniques and with special reference to inventory control. Also discuss whether the potential benefits—and drawbacks—of such JIT techniques are limited to large manufacturing businesses or whether they have wider applications for other organisations.

 Minoura, T. (2003) The Toyota production system. Available from [Accessed: 2 January 2018].

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