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Steinberg emanates a feeling of frustration with this failure, rather than a simple statement of the facts, meaning that people of a similar belief will laud this article whereas people of different belief will condemn it. (See Appendix for the article.) As a teacher using a strict curriculum, it is sometimes difficult to reconcile personal beliefs with teaching materials. I have found my personal beliefs challenged as a teacher both by the administration, the curriculum and even the students – once, a fifth-grade boy came to my lesson wearing red lipstick. As the person in charge, I had to defend that particular student’s choice to the rest of the children, and not allow them to tease him for it. It was not a situation I ever imagined myself in but I am proud of how I handled it. I foresee that my subjectivity on food and eating issues could impact my teaching, although I (obviously!) think that this would be a good thing for my students.

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