Hello, can someone please assist me with this homework question? I’m really trying to understand statistics, whew!! the 4 scenarios are attached as a word document and the question is as follows, it does not matter which two scenarios are selected:

For this Assignment, you will examine statistical significance and meaningfulness based on sample statements. Review the 4 scenarios and select two of the four scenarios for this Assignment (Please consider the following when relating to this scenario; hypothesis testing, meaningfulness, statistical significance and the misconceptions and misuse of p-values Please include the variables unit of analysis, their levels of measurement, and/or a visual display of the data (if appropriate).

Critically evaluate the two scenarios you selected based upon the following points:

Critically evaluate the sample size.

Critically evaluate the statements for meaningfulness.

Critically evaluate the statements for statistical significance.

Based on your evaluation, provide an explanation of the implications for social change.

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