Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Global Warming.

The same could be said of people living in arid areas who may face drought due to the severe rise in temperatures in these areas (EPA, 2013).

The NCSE (2012) also points out that the society has changed negatively in regards to the effects of climate change. Comparing the modern society to the society in the 18th century one realizes the fact that global warming due to climate change has created a less desirable society. In an argument by Shaffer, Olsen & Pedersen (2009) with increasing human activity, the changes on the rise in temperature and precipitation will be faced from generation to generation. The authors further point out those extreme conditions may also be experienced with time (Shaffer, Olsen & Pedersen, 2009).

Generally, the effects on society by global change have been experienced across the globe considering the lowering water levels, the melting of ice at the poles and risen water on coast lines. The society is faced with more severe problems if global warming is not contained (NCSE,

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